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Israelis for Barack Obama


This page contains both the video and the transcript of a video produced by Jewish Israelis who support Barack Obama's candidacy for the President of the United States of America. In this video you'll see prominent Israeli figures voice their firm support for Barack.



Israelis For Obama


Moshe Ivgy - Actor, 3 times Israeli Academy Award Winner

"In the end of the day what counts? What do we want from the President of America to be? We need a man that wants to do something, that he's able to do something, to deal with the war, to deal with the pollution in this Earth, to treat the nature in different way. He wants to help the people because he loves the people."


Amos Schocken - Publisher, Ha'aretz Newspaper

"I'm quite positive Barack Obama has a real commitment to Israel's existence and security. Israel does not need another George Bush. I don't think there is any doubt about this."


Amnon Lipkin Shahak - Former Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces

"We need a strong American administration to help us to reach peace. I believe that Obama is committed to Israel's security, and I believe that Americans are committed to Israel's security. We still need a lot of American intervention in reaching peace in the Middle East, and if Obama will be the next president I think he can help us reach this peace."


Itai Angel - Senior Correspondent for FACT, Israel's equivalent of 60 MINUTES

"Over the past year I've been directing an in-depth documentary about Senator Barack Obama, all over the globe. I was talking a lot to prominent figures from the Jewish community, I was very impressed to find Senator Barack Obama is really committed to the idea of Judaism. Tracking Obama's roots, talking to his family in Kenya, his surrounding, I can tell you hundred percent: Barack Obama is not a Muslim. I think only attempts to try and frame him as some kind of a threat to Jewish people and the people of Israel are driven just by fear."


Robert Wexler - Member of the Congress, Florida

"A hundred percent Kosher on Israel."


Naomi Chazan - Former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee

"It's Chutzpa to question Obama's commitment to Israel. Obama started as a community organizer. He understands people. Why vote for Obama? Some of his best friends and advisors are Jewish."


Lia Van Leer - Founder of Jerusalem International Film Festival

"The whole world needs a change today, and Obama is the one who would like to have it happen."


Ordinary Israelis are saying:

"We are Jewish, we're Israelis, we're Sabras, some of us are observant, and some are not, we are young, we are old, left wing, right wing, we want TIKVA, hope, we want Obama."


Obama - Good Luck!





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Israelis for Barack Obama- Watch a video in which prominent Israeli figures voice their firm support for Barack Obama


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