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Joe Biden Asks Supporters to Make Calls


20 September 2008
The Barack Obama Campaign has sent email from Joe Biden to supporters, asking them to make calls to fellow Americans and persuade them to vote for Obama. A sense of urgency is felt in the message, since the race is very close and there's only 45 days to go. This message by Joe Biden is along the lines of previous messages, trying to leverage the power of the enormous grassroots movement the Obama Campaign has built. Here's the full message by Joe Biden:



Our team has built a tool called Neighbor to Neighbor that lets you tap into the power of this grassroots movement right from your home.

You can reach out to potential supporters by knocking on doors or making phone calls at any time that's convenient for you.

Take this election into your own hands right now by signing up and talking to voters in your battleground state about Barack and our campaign for change.

Right now, this race is neck-and-neck.

And it's all going to come down to what supporters like you do -- or don't do -- in these last 45 days.

The events of the past week have really put into focus what this election is all about.

The failed economic policies of the past eight years have hurt American workers and put our economy on shaky ground. We're up against an opponent who not only supports those policies, but is so out of touch that he actually believes "the fundamentals of our economy are strong."

Millions of Americans are counting on Barack and me to defeat John McCain and deliver the change this country needs -- but we can't do it alone.

Each of us needs to do our part. What's going to win this election for us is organizing on the ground, person-to-person, and growing this movement.

Reach out now to potential supporters and do your part to change this country and move us in a new direction:


Bringing fundamental change to Washington is a big challenge -- but it's never been more important.

Thank you for being part of this movement and working hard to make this country better for all Americans.




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